Transportation Bus stop (Terminal station: Dishui Lake subway line 16)CHARGE First and final vehicle hour
Bus NO.1096 Shengang Avenue.NO.2(W) Huanhu Road 1 CNY 06:20—19:20
Bus NO.33 Pudong No. 960 NO.2(W) Huanhu Road 2 CNY 08:00—19:00
Dishui Lake New Energy Travelling bus Shengang Avenue,NO.1(W) Huanhu Road FOR FREE final vehicle hour 18:00
final vehicle hour 18:00 Shengang Avenue,NO.1(W) Huanhu Road 1 CNY 05:30—23:30


Address of the company: Floor 8, No. 800, Second West Huanhu Road, Putong New District, Shanghai
Service hotline:
+86 021-65568086(801 to transfer to receptionist)
+86 021-65568086(802 to transfer to HR assistant))
+86 021-65568086(803 to transfer to after-sale)
+86 021-65568086(804 to transfer to sales)
Sales telephone No:
13661478377 Mr. Zhang
18258587751 Mr. Wang
15366563898 Mrs. An
13248263263 Mrs. Liu
15021310385 Mrs. Li
HR recruitment:15021310385 Mrs. Li
Enterprise e-mail:[email protected]
Sina Twitter:IRISIAN
WeChat Official Account:jh-irisian

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