Status and Problems

Check-in, entry, exit and service authorization of accounting service, credit service and auditing system in banks requires the verification of operators’ identity. The service authorization in the integrated service system is the first line of defense for operation risks by reception desk personnel. The personnel working for banks’ reception desks have nervous working stress. They have to develop business and control risks as well. Managerial personnel from some centers allocate duties for business authorization to lower level personnel in order to strength business development but they usually neglect risk control. Delivery of operators’ numbers, passwords and operation cards to common operators will cause blind areas for some risk control.
Bank’s management system such as the ERP system, CRM system, information management system, process management system, and mobile office system, etc also requires the verification of identity of operators. There will be no great operation risk in a bank’s internal management system, but such systems contain plenty of customers’ information, business information, etc. Such information belongs to business secret, so operators can consult the information within their respective capacity. Most of the management systems in banks are based on the B/S structured mode, which brings convenience and quickness to the access to the systems, and also brings something uncontrollable to control over access. As long as operators’ numbers and passwords become known, others’ information resources can be visited, thus causing risks in disclosure of information.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

After service operators in banks are enrolled, we can effectively establish internal service authorization mechanisms. Specific authorized operation will be required. Operation can be done only after iris recognition. This has replaced the existing mode of verification by operators’ numbers and passwords to effectively suppress counterfeited identity, theft of passwords, illegal authorization and other ways to operate IT systems to achieve reliable authentication of the identity of operators in a real sense.

The false accept rate of the iris recognition core algorithm independently researched and developed by IRISIAN is less than 1/10 million to prevent others from counterfeited authorization.
It can provide Windows, Linux, Android SDK development kits, and is compatible with the existing software platform.
The algorithm can save iris pictures and iris codes, and the iris system can link with all kinds of service systems quickly.

System composition

[Bank service authorization of iris recognition products]
Desktop USB dual iris recognition products JH-2800D
JH-2800D may collect high quality double-hole iris images with recognition, and the USB2.0 interface it uses can be compatible with any X86 structured computers. It supports Windows/Linux/Android Operation System, with devices connecting original operation platforms, and run software SDK before iris enrollment and recognition is okay. Operation system logon, data file encryption, operation authority management, users’ authorization and digital signing and other functions can be achieved. The devices look small and exquisite, so they meet the characteristics of “quickness and rigor” for banking service.

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