Status and Problems

The events of misuse of identity in the times of mobile Internet and under virtual environments take place one after another. For online ID certificates in most of conventional industries, users are only required to submit their personal information, and upload the front and back sides of photos on their ID cards, so the lower security will be easier to bring out fraudulent acquisition of social insurance funds. The identity verification in real life is more complicated, for example, the card holders must leave for office halls to line up for the fulfillment of cards; and they will have to cross cities to pay for parking fines; and return to their native places to get social insurance. How to carry out online and offline secure and effective authentication of ID cards becomes an urgent practical demand. Meanwhile, it is also a bottleneck that must be broken through for police and government service, and they must achieve mobile fulfillment.

IRISIAN Plan characteristics

IRISIAN depends on Internet, “IRISIAN Cloud Platform” and “Iris recognition technology” to have launched online and offline dual-channel smart government/police hall iris identity certificate solutions, and for the problems existing in the government service poverty alleviation and difficulty relief such as fraudulent acquisition of subsidy and funds for poverty alleviation and funds concerning agriculture, accurate recognition of personnel, accurate payment of relief payment and pensions will be performed to block any possible opportunities for corrupt funds to avoid the fraudulent requisition of social insurance benefits and pensions from the very beginning, which abates the workload of handling agencies on the basis of guaranteeing users’ information security.

Iris real-name authentication terminal is only required to connect power supply and network before it can be used.
False accept rate lower than one over ten million.
It supports the verification in the form of 1: 1 or 1: N.
Wall-mounted, portable and desktop, optional as required.

System functions

? Offline government affairs/police hall iris identity recognition
Recommended products: desktop survival authentication terminal -- JH-7100D
They are arranged at service counters for government affairs, police service or community service centers.
Enrollment period: Personnel handling service may leave for the nearest service center for enrollment by holding their respective identity certificates, with the information on personnel they have collected uploaded to center servers, and enable the same to be seamless linked with the original identity information system.
authentication period: The personnel already enrolled may have the devices subject to iris recognition, and upload the iris codes of such devices to center servers. After servers succeed in pairing, historical service records of such personnel will be sent to working personnel, which helps simplify service process to have increased service efficiency of working personnel.

? Online remote iris identity recognition
Iris recognition SDK is embedded in the original public identity information system. When the public are unable to fulfill related procedures at government affair/police affair halls, all they do are enter ID numbers, and compare with the high definition iris photos in the original databases of organizations by recognition iris to ensure that persons and certificates will coincide with each other.
For remote online real-time verification, actual application scene review demands can be fulfilled without leaving indoors, and there is no necessary personal confirmation by going to reception desks thus having solved the difficulty of online “combination of persons and certificates”. For the purpose of guaranteed security of network behaviors, the constructed trustworthy network environments have provided brand new methods.
Recommended products: online personal identity authentication terminal (portable) -- JH-2800D
The USB2.0 interface is used to be able to be compatible with any X86 structured computer. It is small in size, steady and firm in placement and convenient in carrying it;
FRR=1/1000, FAR≤1/10 million of high accuracy to avoid fraudulent operation of identity information from the beginning.

System composition

Fields of application

Identity recognition for social guarantee (civil affairs) service centers, taxation bureaus, administration for industry and commerce;
Identity recognition for local administrative service centers, sub-district offices, community convenience offering organizations;
Police service halls, inter-province temporary certificate fulfillment and identity authentication at issuing offices;
Identity recognition for bank credit service.

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